• Tiffany Rachel

To Be Japanese?


That's a bit of a stretch.

Even back then when I was living in Japan, I was never seen as a Japanese, and it wasn't an issue, because it's true.

So now that I have returned, to be seen as Japanese, is not what I want, was never what I wanted, nor on my agenda. But rather, to be accepted for whatever I may be, to them and to you.

I wasn't seen as black in America, because of everything else but my looks; my behavior, my word choice, my aura, you name it. Obviously, I'm black. I'm owning it, and nothing anyone says about my behavior can take that away from me.

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I believe I have made my interviews make it sound like racism is absent in Japan. False. It is certainly active, from what other people have said while their stay in Japan, perhaps I want to clarify t


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Timeline. (as of June 2019)

April, 1998 - Born in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan August, 1998 - Moved to America (Charlotte, NC) March, 2001 - Moved back to Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan March, 2011 - Moved back to America (Charlotte, NC