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I believe I have made my interviews make it sound like racism is absent in Japan. False.

It is certainly active, from what other people have said while their stay in Japan, perhaps I want to clarify that what I stated were purely of my experiences, that I personally have never, and should not have made it seem like racism does not happen in Japan. That was a foul move of me.

Reflecting on my experiences in America, I wonder if I would have experienced similar situations if I had stayed in Japan, going to junior high school and high school.

I think one of the cool things of my experience as a child being in Japan, was that the people I hung out with were people that knew me from age 7 (some even younger), which is at the age where race and color don't matter. From then, we grew up together, and did everything together as we are.

Now, if I were to be in an environment where there are new people who have not known me for a long time, let's say in junior high school where there are more students added, I wonder if I would have felt uncomfortable in any way.

I don't recall a time, being in Japan, feeling like I don't like being black. My skin color, my hair, my features. Yes, there were times when I wanted straight hair, but that desire of wanting straight hair wasn't enough to hate my hair nor myself.

On the other hand, I do recall times, when I was in the states, feeling like I didn't want to be black (not getting into it here). Which is why I have found comfort in being in Japan, more than America.

I would love to have the opportunity to interview Naomi Osaka, Rui Hachimura, and other halfs, and perhaps fully black people who were born and raised in Japan, to get their opinion on how they view racism in Japan.

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