• Tiffany Rachel

My Fear.

I think fear has its way of being a disruption, but at least I won't let it stop me from saying this:

There are now many people who are getting to know me, as I am getting to know myself.

All I did in the interview videos were reflect an insight of all that I have encountered and experienced. With that said, nothing is constructed. Even within my mind, today, I am still trying to settle everything that I have experienced, whether if they were shared to the public or not.

(someday want to construct it into a book)

My new discoveries of myself, could change the opinions that I have stated, tomorrow, because there are still, and forever will be, many things I am learning about.

Perhaps this goes for anyone, but speaking for myself, I am afraid of sounding like a hypocrite later on if and when my opinions change based on all the knowledge I am obtaining.

And maybe I say all of this to say, I am just hoping for understanding that I am still evolving and constructing my site.



Anger & Acknowledgement.

Yes, I know. Almost every time I talk about America, it sounds like I am bashing and throwing shade to America. I can say I am guilty of that. America is not bad. Yes, the country has it's problems, b


This goes a little bit with identity. In a sense that, my response from people asking me of who and what am I is what determined if I was going to be accepted by those who are asking, and the other pe

By choice.

I think something that has been on my mind is that, it can be a challenge to see someone for who they are when they have a unique or different background. For example, as silly as it sounds, if an Ame