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  • Tiffany Rachel

Identity II.

My identity, and who I am to them, varies depending on other people's perception. And therefore, I don't bother in how others view me as my identity.

Regardless of what I say I am, whether it is Black, Japanese, Black-Japanese, if people don't think the term I use to identify myself fits for me, in how they define those terms, then they will not abide by what I say I am.

Nonetheless, I know who I am. And I don't need other people's consent or approval of my identity. With that said, I will continue to present the way I do, and however one takes it, will be my identity to them, and is not for me to have a say in it.

Besides, people will say how they think of you from the one part, or minor behavior they have seen of you, and whether it is positive or negative, it is hard to say it is fully true when looking at the spectrum of your entire life.

Again, I know who I am, and that's final, period.

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