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Hard topic to talk about. Most people would say Black-Japanese would best describe me, and I agree, although it is hard to claim the word "Japanese" because I have no DNA nor citizenship with Japan. All I have is the culture/influence, which is, arguably, just as significant.

Some people said I'm just black because of the way I look, others have said I am just Japanese because of where I was born. Me personally, I would much rather "be", regardless of what that may be, and I would hope that the people around would accept.

I also did not like that 'identity' is something I did not have worry about until I step foot in the states (the nation where I am supposedly supposed to feel more comfortable because it is my parents' culture and where my citizenship lies, but that makes another conversation).

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My Fear.

I think fear has its way of being a disruption, but at least I won't let it stop me from saying this: There are now many people who are getting to know me, as I am getting to know myself. All I did in


A comparison of how I used to perceive things, and how I perceive things now. (physical, speech and feeling) Physical (accidental and pure curiosity, to trauma and caution) I remember when I was in Ja

To Be Japanese?

That's a bit of a stretch. Even back then when I was living in Japan, I was never seen as a Japanese, and it wasn't an issue, because it's true. So now that I have returned, to be seen as Japanese, is