• Tiffany Rachel

By choice.


I think something that has been on my mind is that, it can be a challenge to see someone for who they are when they have a unique or different background.

For example, as silly as it sounds, if an American citizen (and born and raised in America), likes baseball, that will most likely be recognized simply as that individual liking baseball, big whoop. However, if you meet me, an American citizen born and raised in Japan, if I were to say I like Japanese food, me liking Japanese food will be recognized by the culture I was influenced by, rather than simply because Tiffany likes Japanese food.

That, me liking Japanese food would be justified by the fact that "I'm from Japan, therefore I like Japanese food". Obviously right?? [And in opposition, on the side note, it would be odd for me not to like Japanese food if I were to be born and raised in Japan.]

Although being raised in the Japanese culture has a huge influence on my life, and perhaps in my taste buds, but, with that kind of mindset, I don't think I am known or got the recognition of being known who I am.

No doubt, I'm sure this idea goes beyond America and Japan, but worldwide. Where, it seems difficult to see a person's individualism, when they have a distinctive background.

Yes, Japan is a big influence of my life because I was raised here, but I wish it was more like,

(for example);

Tiffany likes Japanese food

Tiffany likes Japanese shows

Tiffany likes being in Japan

with, the fact that me being culturally influenced as a side note, rather than bringing that fact forefront. I would like for my individualism to be recognized as it is.

My individualism, what I like and dislike, is by choice, not by cultural influence.




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