• Tiffany Rachel

Brief intro.


It's difficult describing my childhood in Japan. I want to say it was normal, but now I know my childhood is not normal to the majority.

Perhaps a list of things would help paint a picture;

(from birth to age 12)

- In a village, in Japan (population of roughly over 2000 people)

- My family of 4 being the only foreigners in the area

- Used English with my parents, used Japanese with my classmates, friends, friends' parents administrators, and in stores with the workers, basically everywhere else. By percentage, I would say used 20% English, and 80% Japanese.

- Kindergarten and Elementary in Japan, elementary population was roughly 60, and 7 just in my grade

- In the house, spoke English, watching and reading American shows and English books

- Approximately once every 2 years, flew to the States to visit, doing touristy things and visiting family members (in North Carolina)

Pretty normal right? lol

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Timeline. (as of June 2019)

April, 1998 - Born in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan August, 1998 - Moved to America (Charlotte, NC) March, 2001 - Moved back to Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan March, 2011 - Moved back to America (Charlotte, NC