• Tiffany Rachel

My First Blog

Wow never thought I would do this, but here I am. Please ask any questions or topics that you want to discuss about. Let's start a conversation

ブログを一切始める気なかった私が今日から始めることにしました 笑。質問や聞いてみたい課題ありましたら遠慮なくコメントください。





My Fear.

I think fear has its way of being a disruption, but at least I won't let it stop me from saying this: There are now many people who are getting to know me, as I am getting to know myself. All I did in


I believe I have made my interviews make it sound like racism is absent in Japan. False. It is certainly active, from what other people have said while their stay in Japan, perhaps I want to clarify t


A comparison of how I used to perceive things, and how I perceive things now. (physical, speech and feeling) Physical (accidental and pure curiosity, to trauma and caution) I remember when I was in Ja