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  • Tiffany Rachel

Anger & Acknowledgement.

最終更新: 2019年6月23日

Yes, I know. Almost every time I talk about America, it sounds like I am bashing and throwing shade to America. I can say I am guilty of that.

America is not bad. Yes, the country has it's problems, but so does Japan.

I want to make it clear that my personal experience in the states was not all peaches and cream, AT ALL. Undoubtedly, the anger comes from learning and experiencing unpleasant things, in which has built up and simply never had a chance to let loose.

The acknowledgement comes in, where I accept all that I have experienced, and turning it into a benefit of all of the bad experience that I have been through.

Also, it is knowing and reminding myself repeatedly that if I had stayed in Japan instead of moving to the states when I did, then I would have turned out worse, simply from lack of knowledge.

The same way there is no such thing as right without left, there is no good without bad.


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