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In the states, explaining my background had to be compacted and applied into those with small mindsets. Therefore everything that I was saying was not taken seriously because of those with lack of understanding, and those not capable of understanding.

Adopting for me was conforming into the boxed mindset, unable to fit nor be accepted as the way I presented myself.

One of the things that left a bad taste in my mouth, and my frustration still derives from

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A comparison of how I used to perceive things, and how I perceive things now. (physical, speech and feeling) Physical (accidental and pure curiosity, to trauma and caution) I remember when I was in Ja

To Be Japanese?

That's a bit of a stretch. Even back then when I was living in Japan, I was never seen as a Japanese, and it wasn't an issue, because it's true. So now that I have returned, to be seen as Japanese, is

Timeline. (as of June 2019)

April, 1998 - Born in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan August, 1998 - Moved to America (Charlotte, NC) March, 2001 - Moved back to Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan March, 2011 - Moved back to America (Charlotte, NC