Because there are many things I am still learning as a student and as a young adult, my ideas and vision are spontaneously flowing from one thing to another. With that said,  although my mind is all over the place, as for now, my passion lies on using my experiences to become, somewhere along the lines of, communications specialist or an intercultural consultant.

Nonetheless, my current major interest is to use my experiences and knowledge to shed new light on the teaching of English to Japanese people who are interested, to build an online community an to become influential through social media, combining a talk show with English teaching.

I am interested in producing and hosting a show that combines the teaching of English within the context of a talk show. The goal would be for English learners in Japan to hear and engage in conversation, discussing social topics in English. Using this approach, I believe English learners can develop a deeper understanding of how English conversations happen, and will be better prepared to respond appropriately whenever they encounter with English speakers. 

I believe in this method because of my personal experience of learning English as a second language. 

I realized that the most important thing about learning a language, is understanding the culture.

I'm hoping this method will highlight specific moments and conversations in which to use certain concepts and vocabulary. 

Using media in this way, audience would be able to watch and learn anywhere with their mobile devices and laptop.

I want to offer what I learned in my life ― learning to converse in English naturally to interested Japanese. Having daily conversations in America not only helped me develop my English skills - terminology, vocabulary, phrases, and idioms, but also brought a much deeper understanding of the American culture more quickly. This approach offers a much richer and practical way to develop English in real life.


Showing a new structure to English learning, making this happen is my passion.

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