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― 映画「二つの祖国」

(定義 )強い意志をもって、どんな苦労や困難にもくじけないさま

(def.) always determined and energetic in trying to achieve something.



You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh, rather, serve one another humbly in love
― Galatians 5:13
The pain you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming 
― Romans 8:18

Poem, by Tiffany RachelINTROVERTS (2015)

I am an iPhone.

I function well when I'm fully charged but my energy runs out earlier than noon.

I keep things steady and lowkey because I process and think before I load or speak. I'm definitely not comfortable with change..

When my battery decreases down to 20%, that's when I'd do anything to survive through the day, things like; dimming down the brightness, to, turning on lower power mode, or even grey-scaling myself, but really, all I need is time to be left alone in the corner charging with no disruptions because that's how iPhones charge the fastest right.

You, are the Samsung Galaxy who lasts all day, all night, you function quickly in the extreme because you say before you think. You love changes, different shapes and trying new things, you see the world in virtual reality with new things to be discovered, you never stop seeking for more and then you met me. 

When you met me I was on 10%, lower powering mode, and you've never see anything so low in energy, and you asked "are you okay". My answer was "I'm fine" but that didn't satisfy you., because I wasn't smiling. You also asked me things like "just once, or always", your curiosity switch turned on with countless amount of questions, some going way beyond Apple's Privacy Policy. 

You see, Apple is your motivation to a new invention, your energy that keeps you going. You, Samsung, love to interact with us, especially when it comes down to a new generation that comes out every September for the smallest, minor detail we have improved on. 

What you didn't know is that we don't like being around you, and it's nothing personal, I'm not here to crack your screen. It's just that you wonder why all of our products start with "I", iMessage, iPod, iPad, iOS, iPhone, perhaps the "I" can be for introvert, but also because I, being by myself in my little community is more comforting than anything, which is why when you asked me "what is bothering you", I said YOU.

Your screen, excuse me, your personality shines light bright simply by a motion made in front of you. You drain up my last bit of energy by telling and asking us things we could care less about. You, are one of the smartest inventions but simply don't know how to mind or run your business. 

I say don't take it personal because regardless, Apple still loves Samsung, to a certain extent. Samsung, you help us come out of our naturally close minded bubble. If it wasn't for Samsung, Apple would have never thought of moving the lock button to the side, or even adding a control center. But regardless of these cosmetic changes, the operating system stayed the same.

Now, let me reiterate because I don't want you to take this personal: we introverts love extroverts, to a certain extent. You pull us out of our introverted bubble, we do things now that we would've never imagined doing without you, things like, interacting with our peers or even standing up here before a lot of people.

But regardless of my improvements of my interaction with my peers, regardless of how far I've come out my bubble, my Introverted Operating System, or, my iOS, stays the same.

edited in 2019