• FOREX is short for the Foreign Exchange Market (NOT stocks)

  • The largest and most liquid market in the world (producing 5 trillion USD a day)

  • Currencies being exchanged from all over the world

  • FXは Foreign Exchage Market (外国為替取引)の略したもの

 ― 株ではありません

  • 世界最大のファイナンシャルマーケット

  • ​通貨を売買する市場を指す

What is FOREX?

What We Offer


What We Do?

  • We trade curreicies, and profit from the fluctuation of the market.

  • We learn how to trade from certified professionals (learn while you earn system)

  • 通貨を売買することで生じる比率から利益を得る

  • ​FX取引に認定されたトレーダーに教わる(学びながら稼ぐ)

  • Provide basic, intermediate, and advanced training videos

  • Access to live-streaming for live trading session with master traders who have made 100K+ USD in the market

  • 初級・中級・上級向けの動画配信

  • ​取引で1千万+も稼げるマスタートレーダーとライブ配信で取引ができる




  • $99 initial payment 

  • To have a smartphone

  • Know how to copy and paste (listen and apply)

  • ¥99,000 参加費用

  • スマホをお持ちの方

  • ​コピペすることができる(指示に従うこと)

No prior knowledge of forex is necessary. We teach you everything


Contact me on instagram @tiffrichx if you would like one-on-one assistance 

Welcome to the Trading ~