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My name is Tiffany Rachel, I am fluent in Japanese and English. My elementary education was in Japanese, high school education in English, and my college education in both English and Japanese. After graduation, I am looking to be a communications specialist within the Marketing field.



Part-time Employee, Freelance

Currently I'm studying in Tokyo at Temple University, majoring in Japanese language, focusing on academic and business level Japanese. My minor is Political Science. I am also working part-time as a staff member at Blu Jam Café Daikanyama, as I translated (EN-JP) media promotion with the restaurant's website. I also work part time at a Bar Crawl in Shibuya as a tour guide to several bars and clubs in the area for an international affair for foreigners and Japanese customers on weekends

​現在はテンプル大学でビジネスレベル・上級レベルの日本語を勉強しています。Blu Jam Café Daikanyama レストランでホールスタッフとプロモーションやブログ、SNS等の訳者のアルバイトをしています。

​それから、週末には Bar Crawl  (バークロール) というアルバイトをしています。来日している観光客、それから日本人での飲み会・国際交流を提供しています。

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